Our Prizes

We have put together a group of companies that represent the best in their fields. These are some of the absolute best firms that will help grow your business. If you win an Otto, you get their services for free. For everyone else, a guaranteed win is simply to work with these companies.

$25K in Services from Shareability

The Shareability award consists of a strategy and consultancy package to help your brand embrace the core pillars of Social Entertainment Storytelling: strategy, format, and deployment. Shareability deploys this approach as they incubate, produce and deploy social entertainment for some of the biggest brands and celebrities in the world, including: Pepsi, Adobe, AT&T, MARS, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dua Lipa, John Cena and Tim McGraw. Fine print: Prize offered only to later-stage B2B, B2C, and Healthcare winners. Offer valid 6 months.

$10K in Legal Services from Gunderson Dettmer

Get a $10,000 legal services fee credit from one of the best law fidms in Silicon Valley. This offer is structured as a deferral that automatically becomes a $10k discount when you retain the firm for services in connection with your next financing. Fine print: valid only to firms who select Gunderson Dettmer as their corporate counsel. Offer valid 12 months.

$10K in Brand Design Services

Get a brand tune-up from one of the most elite brand studios in the world. Blue Egg will evaluate your brand's current strategic positioning and corresponding visual articulation and adjust to create a new dynamic brand expression ( brand platform and identity) that connects with its intended audience. Tune up includes one round of two initial concepts and a second round of final executed brand expression. Fine print: Offer valid 6 months.

$20K in PR Services

Each winner will receive a customized PR plan that will be developed to address the specific needs of each winner. For some, the plan will involve a product launch, a product announcement or a round of funding announcement. For others, the plan will focus on executive thought leadership elements – speaking, byline article development – or influencer and social media approaches. For winners who already have fully developed plans, Headstand can create workshops focusing on media training, narrative development, crisis protocols, or a fully customized session,jointly developed by the winner and Headstand. Fine print: Offer valid 6 months.

$10K in Finance and Accounting Services

Each winner can pick from the services they need from one of the most respected service providers: outsourced finance, accounting, and/or operational support services. Virtual CFO services include: financial strategy & analysis, data visualization & reporting, fundraising advisory & support, and due diligence. Staff extension services include: high-volume data processing, sales analysis & reporting, and sales tax/R&D tax credit solutions. Accelerate your growth and lap the competition with Sprchrgr. Fine print: Begin work within 3 months, consume the full award within 6 months.

$15K in Cap Table Management and More

Figure Equity Solutions is offering a free first year subscription for their Cap Table Management Solution (regardless of stakeholders count) valued at $5,000. Additionally, FES is offering free Offering Documents for your next (Seed or Series A) priced round valued at $10,000. Fine print: offer for all US C-Corp companies. Cap table offer valid 6 months. Financing doc offer available 12 months.

$5K in Marketing Tech Upgrades

Inbound AV, a diamond HubSpot solutions partner, will audit your marketing tech platforms as well as any outbound marketing work and make detailed recommendations for improvement. The goal is to increase the impact of your sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Fine print: Offer valid 6 months.

$10K in Pitch Deck or Website Services

Let Core Communications tell your startup story better. As one of Silicon Valley's premiere messaging consulting services, Core will perform a thorough review of your strategy and goals in order to upgrade your pitch deck or website to the highest standards. Good on your pitch deck and website? This prize can be redeemed for other services as well, including thought leadership articles, sales materials, speechwriting, and case studies. Fine print: Offer valid 6 months.

$5K in DTC Customer Analytics

An end-to-end consumer journey and funnel audit with accompanying recommendations for conversion rate and average order value increases. In addition, receive 1 month of consultation for setting up growth experimentation, proper AB testing protocols, and an initial batch of tests to scale your revenue. Fine print: Prize only for later-stage DTC companies. Offer valid 6 months.

$20K Value in CRM Subscription Discounts

HubSpot is the all-in-one CRM that scales as your startup grows. Get up to 90% off on your HubSpot subscription. Details and fine print: For companies that have raised up to $2M, get 90% off year 1, 50% in year 2, and 25% every year after that in perpetuity. For companies that have raised over $2m but have not yet reached Series B, get 50% off in year 1 and 25% every year after that. All other startups get 30% off in year 1 and 15% off after that.

Our Sponsors

Blue Egg creates stand-out strategic marketing & branding for companies. We build compelling brands for our clients in consumer products, technology, and entertainment, by understanding their marketing challenges and the corresponding zeitgeist of their audience. At Blue Egg, we believe that great ideas lie at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and emotion, and that this approach creates memorable, durable brands.

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We help startups tell their story better. We create strong and clear foundational messaging for startups. We help founding teams find their most powerful frame, story, and voice for maximum impact with the company's most important constituencies. Talk to us about how to talk to the world. Services can be provided to individual companies as well as entire cohorts at incubators, accelerators, or VC portfolios.

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We are a leading (INC 5000 fastest growing companies in US) analytics & growth agency, focusing on DTC e-commerce brands to better understand their lifecycle and funnel data as well as launch empirically-backed experimentation to grow conversion rate, average order value, repeat rates, channel index rates and the viral coefficient. With 49 staff across 6 offices completing over 7000 experiments to date on DTC E-commerce sites, we have a unique portfolio of experimentation protocol to scale any brand.

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The industry-leading HubSpot CRM platform makes it easy for your entire company to work together — from marketing, to sales, to customer service. Each hub is powerful alone, but they're even better together. We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul — and that they can do it with inbound. That's why we've created an ecosystem uniting software, education, and community to help businesses grow better every day.

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SPRCHRGR (pronounced "supercharger") is a consultancy providing highly skilled team members across a variety of complementary disciplines. Our services include expert-level accounting and finance strategy, reporting, data visualization and analysis, business process streamlining, customized technology solutions, and more. Accelerate growth with enterprise- level accounting & finance solutions. Lap the competition with insightful management reporting. Attract capital with forecast models that demonstrate value. Relieve operational strain with custom workflow automation.

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Gunderson Dettmer has more than 400 lawyers singularly focused on the global venture capital and emerging companies ecosystem, across ten offices in key markets throughout the world. The firm represents more than 2,500 venture-backed companies and over 450 of the world's top venture capital and growth equity firms, including thousands of their underlying funds. The firm provides guidance at every stage of startup companies, from launch through IPO and beyond.

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An end-to-end equity management solution for private companies. From cap table management to seamless primaries and secondaries, Figure Equity Solutions is built to scale as your company grows. Manage your cap table with the industry-best standard features that are easy to use and keep your cap table accurate. Raise capital in days on the platform while your cap table stays automatically in sync. Reduce manual processes, time, and cost. Unlock liquidity using Figure's Alternative Trading System. Figure Equity Solutions is part of Figure Technologies, which is transforming the trillion-dollar financial services industry.

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We live in a noisy world. Brands can no longer interrupt your entertainment, they need to be your entertainment. Enter Shareability. Shareability is a Social Entertainment Studio based in LA, combining Hollywood Storytelling with social media marketing, influence and distribution. They help brands break through the noise to deliver engagement, loyalty and growth. Watch: Ronaldo in Disguise, Dua Lipa: New Rules, Photo Restoration, Photoshop Battles Live, I Just Sued the School System

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Part communications consultancy, part boutique agency, Headstand is home to startups and established brands alike that want more than a cookie cutter marketing and communications approach. Born with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, the founding team has worked with the likes of YouTube, Waze, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Samsung, Dropbox, SAP and many more. We've helped countless start-ups grow from their infancy into household names in their industries - through PR programs that not only result in coverage, but tell a story centered on key brand messages and company values. We craft stories, we build narratives, we develop strategies and implement tactics that drive actual business results.

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InboundAV is committed to helping your business grow, overcoming obstacles, and finding continued success. Through a holistic approach to business solutions and custom tailoring your path to achieving your goals, we help you unlock tangible, enduring results. Get more leads that convert to sales, generate more first contact, and spend more efficiently with tangible results. We understand the importance of identifying your business' niche and maintaining a competitive advantage over others within your industry.

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